Black Phenolic Cap for 30mL or 50mL Glass Dropper Bottle


Planning on traveling? Consider using this cap to prevent DMSO products from being pushed up the glass dropper into the stopper. This cap can be used with all your DMSO-containing products in 30mL or 50mL dropper bottles.


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Under stable circumstances, when the bottles are kept upright, or at least in a cool, dark location, the pure DMSO (or any other DMSO-containing product) doesn’t come into contact with the synthetic rubber dropper, but when traveling changes in position, pressure, and/or temperature may force the DMSO up through the hole in the glass dropper which can degrade the stopper material slightly. To help reduce this issue, when putting the glass dropper back in the bottle, first make sure it is fully evacuated. Although a rare occurrence, we suggest if you are traveling with your products, use this alternate phenolic plastic cap. This of course can also be used for long-term storage of products.

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